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12a turbo rotary flooding on crank


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Has the main fuel table actually been tuned yet?  Most fuel compensations such as cranking, warmup, post start etc are all based on a percentage of the main table, so until your main table is tuned these will all be wrong.  It's best to do the main table first then tweak the starting comps later otherwise you will end up doing everything twice.

If its running very rich under all conditions then the quick fix would be to just drop the master fuel a little.

Also I seem to remember those stock injectors used to be prone to leaking - so it may pay to check that too.  It was probably 20 years ago that I last worked on a 12A turbo so there probably aren't many injectors that are in good condition today...

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Hi ive just had a look at your map to will need to pull down the table numbers by about 40 % in the cranking and post start menu then fully tune your fuel maps before going back to your cold start

hey look only twenty years of tuning links and im just a newbie lol  i love this 


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