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G4+ WRX V2/RS plugin - VSS Issues


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So this is an issue I've had for a while, and haven't really known what to check.

Everything I've read says that the ECU should just pick up a VSS from the dash (Mechanical sensor) and nothing should need to be done to set it up.

I've tried two different ECUs on two different cars, and two different clusters on one car, and haven't been able to get it to detect a VSS at all.

Is a digital sensor/matching dash required for this to be detected?

Two separate G4+ Plugins were tested

One in a 1997 V2 WRX with two separate clusters tested

The other in a 1991 Legacy RS RA

Both used mechanical linkages to the cluster

On all three clusters the actual speedometer worked perfectly as well. 

I'll be installing the link into another RS this week, a 1989 model, also with a mechanical Speedometer and will see if I have any luck on that, but if there's anything I need to test it will be on that car.


Thanks in advance.

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Looking at our WRX V1-2 plug-in ECU the speed signal should come in on Digital Input 4, which is pin 58. 

Look at the 'Digital' tab of the Runtime Values Window to see if you have any frequency or speed showing up on digital input 4. If you do not, then go to the Digital Input 4 settings and try turning the pullup resistor on. Check again to see if you have any data coming in on the Digital tab of the Runtime Values Window.

You can open the Runtime Values Window by pressing 'r' or 'F12'.


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Thank you for that Scott. 
I'll try get the ECU in tonight and give that a test. 

If I were to remove the dash from this car completely, what would be the best way to get the VSS to the ECU? 
Would I be able to swap out to the newer (BG I think) factory digital speed sensor, and just wire it up to pin 58 DI4?


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