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ECU Logger not Logging

Anthony Parle

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Figure I better put it in a separate topic,

I have a Link G4+ thunder and the race meeting before the last I downloaded the log from the ECU, I also deleted the old one, after the last track day I went to down load the file again but there was only 19 seconds of log there.  I have since tried to get it to log unsuccessfully.  So as Adam suggested I started the car and hit F12, which says its not logging and there is no used memory.  So here is a screen shot of the set up and F12.

Idea or suggestions as to what I have done wrong will be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Scott,

So I backed them back, rpm to 500, TPS to zero and 5 second delay then saved it and guess what it started up and started logging so it was all my fault.

Just not sure why it logged all the other times but not this.

Anyway again you and Adam saved the day for us dumb buggers.

Thanks for the help

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