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Baro Compensation Alpha n Tuning


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I've read that Alpha n Tuning can be more accurate as there is no delayed feedback for manifold pressure changes to calculate fueling when tuning base fuel tables. 

Is this correct and also if tuning a fuel table with TPS as the load axis where would atmospheric compensation be taken into account?

Was thinking throug a 4D fuel table based on atmospheric pressure but not sure ?


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You're right about there being a delayed feedback using MAP when compared to TPS. However the delay would be quite small. We recommend using the MAP over TPS where possible as it gives a better representation of engine load than TPS. However there are situations where TPS is a better option for the load axis of the fuel table due to a stable MAP reading not being available, because of aggressive cams or individual throttle bodies.

In this situation we recommend setting the load axis of Fuel Table 1 to TP(Main) and then setting the Equation Load Source to Load=BAP. This way the ECU will still compensate for changes in barometric pressure. The BAP reading will come from the ECUs internal BAP sensor.


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