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Link Fury, How to wiring and setting cruise control with 2 wire switch.


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Dear Technical Support Team,

I would like to install cruise control system with original switch of Suzuki Swift(ZC32S). The ZC32S's switch is 2 wire style. I know how this switch is work but i do not know how to install with Link Fury. Please let me know how to wiring input and setting input for Link Fury.

Now E-throttle system is completed. Please advise.

Thank you

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For cruise control, you need a minimum of 3 switches/buttons:  Cruise enable, cruise set & brake pedal.  A further 2 switches are optional; Cruise cancel and cruise resume.   You will also need a driven wheel speed connected and working.  Can you confirm you have 2 spare digital inputs + a working brake switch and wheel speed?

It seems odd that your switch has only two wires unless it is some type of multiplex, does it look like below?


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some cruise switches use two wires and each switch position outputs a different resistance across the two wires

Yes, thats what I was referring to as "multiplex" above, I think that is the right term to describe this type of device?.  Sometimes called MUX switches.  But I dont think that is the case here, some online pics of this switch set:



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