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Event and fault code history


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It would be great to have a fault code and event history. I often get customer that had a temporary fault or a a (GP-) Limiter was triggered. Most often they don't download the datalog in time and customer often struggels to interpret data. So it would be great if all events are saved with a time stamp like on OEM ECU's. This way the customer can easy see what was the reason for the temporary fault or if a GP-Limiter was activated. It would be also very usefull when the customer comes back to my workshop to check what was the fault. If the datalog wasn't saved before it is overwriten it's not possible to see what was going on. 

For example i had a customer this week, who had "misfires" during cornering. He knows how to connect and download datalogs but not how to interpret them. The GP limit (setup as an oil press safety function) was triggered because the oil level was much too low. If there was a text message with time stamp in the ECU event log, it would be quite easy for  to find out what happened. Besides, there is no more need to log all limit channels to see in the datalog which limit was triggered.



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Hi mapper,

One possible solution is to set the ECU logging up so that it is logging all the time. When the customer detects a fault they can turn off a switch, which turns off the ECU logging.

This won't suit every install, as putting a switch in is extra work, but could be good for customers trying to track down intermittent problems.


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Hi Simon

That's a good Suggestion Scott for the possibilities we have now. 

But as you said, it needs addionaly installation work, which not every customer is willing to spend and it needs still knowhow to read datalogs and all the fault and limiter channels must be logged. 

So would be great if you can discusse that with the engineer for future release. In my eyes it's also a good sales argument, because (what I'm aware) no other aftermarket ECU manufacturer has such a functionality and i make the ECU even easier to use for the enduser. 

Maybe integration can be done with ecu statistic. Respectively the function is already here when PC link is connected. So should be easy to save this infos on the ECU storage. It shouldn't take much storage place too. 



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