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Nissan K11 CG13 Motor Coil on Plug issues


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Hi , we have played around with a Nissan K11 Micra, rebuilt motor , Forced Induction running on a PnP Short header S15 Link ECU , re-worked stock dizzy to act as the phase sensor and fitted 36-1 for the crank trigger.

Issue we are trying to sort out a Coil on Plug with an amplifier built in the Stock CG14 coil on plug from Nissan don't have an amp. So at the moment we have used a 350Z C.O.P but it isn't long enough for proper fitment.


Any one help us out with a good quality coil that is a little longer than the Z33 coil in the above picture please. We don't really want to run 4 separate coils with HT leads.

Thanks in advance






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Take a look at recent Hondas, many civics and S2000 etc have a coil that I think is just a little longer than the 350z. The only other longer ones I can think of are some VAG - I think 1.8t. Unfortunately many of the vag ones aren't highly reliable.

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