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G4 Info Display


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Dear friends,

Need help on the info display issues I am having. I have a mini PC to connected to the ecu to display the informations on the dash screen. I have since turn on the Auto mode in the connection preferences but the ECU will go offline everytime I start up the PC back. I have tried saving the file and renaming but still the same.

The PC runs on the new G4+ link firmware version, but I haven't updated the ECU firmware as I dont want to mess with the settings. Any idea what should I do?

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The PC is powered by the cig 12v output. Normally before this it will shutdown after I turn off the key and comes back on connecting automatically after the key is on. 

Now I notice the PC turns on and starts the PClink but the ECU remains disconnected. My attempt to select the connection preferences to auto gets reset whenever I turn off and on the PC.


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When PCLink first starts up, before you change the connection option, in the top right hand corner, does PCLink display an orange box with "Searching"?

If it does not:

  1. Go to Options > Connection
  2. Set "Connection Mode" to "Auto"
  3. Press Ok
  4. Go to File > Exit
  5. Open PCLink manually

You should be able to cycle the power to the PC and PCLink will auto connect.

Post back here with your result.

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