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Fuel pump control with car not running


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Im using a NZEFI PWM fuel pump controller and i'm trying to measure fuel flow return at different DC%  I figure i cant use a GP PWM table due to the required multiplier and DC% clamp.

 How do i go about keeping AUX 4 FP speed active when the car is not running? 


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Just temporarily set your aux that controls your fuel pump speed as GP PWM.  Depending on how you are measuring flow (ie a flow meter or a bucket...).  If using a flow meter then something like my settings below would allow you to control DC with your foot (throttle).  If measuring with a bucket/cup/vessel then you could just set the PWM table to have the same number in all cells (so you dont need your foot on throttle) and set up a DI condition so it only runs when you turn on A/C switch or something like that. 


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Hi Adam

How does that take into account the multiplier and Max DC clamp in fuel pump control open loop?

My method would not take into account the multiplier or the clamp, but I would have thought since these are very simple math you could do that on the fly in your head or at worst with pen and paper? 



Is it possible to keep fp speed active? Or do I need a signal generator?

The only way I can think to keep the fuel pump running in normal mode (like the engine is running) is to make a fake trigger.  One method - You could temporarily set trigger mode to "multitooth", jumper a PWM aux out to trig 1. Set trigger 2 mode to none.  Set aux out to test PWM.  ECU should then see RPM...

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