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4EFTE Will I require Crank Trigger (Monsoon)


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Hi have a forged 4efte on the bench just in process of fitting, plan on running cop set up, not quite sure yet if I will require an igniter for cop or if 3 wire coils have built in igniter, 4e has cam pick up so good for fully seq, but will I require a crank input or can this be configured via the cam pick up in ecu settings, If a crank pick up inst required do I dismiss the wiring or wire it to cam also and configure in ecu to determine crank position this is the only thing I'm a bit sketchy on with the entire job so little light on it now will save allot of head scratching later. 



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Those coils have internal ignitors so they will be fine wired directly to ecu.  Earlier I was assuming the 4efte would have had a CAS similar to the old 4age but after I just googled it I might be wrong.  Can you give me a photo of what your "cam pickup" looks like.

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