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Diff Oil Temp Sensor


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I have added a diff oil temp sensor after having some issues with oil leaking from the vent in my diff which is now rebuilt. I have wired it to an temp 3 but its just constantly showing 21 degrees and never moves. I have been for a drive then check the resistance at the sensor and it read 308 ohms, according to the scale which came with the sensor that should mean around 40-50 degrees. I have checked my wiring and it seems to be ok so im unsure what i have done wrong, guessing its something to do with the setup.thermistors arent polarity sensertive are they? I have attached my map and a log. Below is a link to the sensor i have brought. Thanks



rolling launch added - fan adjusted - diff oil added - fan adjusted.pclr

It wont let me add the log with the map up?

now the logs are corrupt :angry:

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your calibration for the diff temp sensor is backwards.  Its just from using cal table 9.  it doesn't have as much configuration available.

You have temp on the axis and ohms in the output. 

I have revised this and put the diff temp in cal table 1.

Give it a shot.

nettlez rolling launch added - fan adjusted - diff oil added - fan adjusted Brad Mod.pclr

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