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Knock controll


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Hi I have a G4 on rb26 and was working out if my knock controll is turned on it's been mapped and runs fine just checking also new to this so please explain if poss in newbie terms also I need to fit a external map sensor how would I tell which output I could use thanks for any help 

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You old G4 Storm based plugin ECU doesnt have any knock control hardware fitted.  Back in the day when that ECU was current we used to sell a device called "G4 Knockblock" which could interface with the ecu and allow knock control.  The G4 Knockblock has been obsolete for a number of years so your only chance would be to find one secondhand or perhaps there may be a dealer with old stock but I havent heard of any on the market for a long time.

The G4 knockblock was also a relatively expensive item so it may not work out much different to sell your present ecu secondhand and upgrade to the G4+ plugin which has knock control built in.  

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