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1JZ VVTI and Link G4+ Storm

James Berry

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Hi There i am currently setting up my ecu. I have the ignition set as wasted spark as i am using the OEM coilpacks which work in this fashion. I have the injector setup in Multipoint Group. I have set the triggers up and trigger one on the crank is fine and showing status is ok. Trigger 2 is setup using the 1JZ profile which is showing fine.

Question one.

I have the VVTI solenoid setup on Aux 1 as LH Inlet. is this correct as i do not need a digital input as the camshaft position sensor is also used as trigger 2. Or does the camshaft sensor have to wired into a digital input. I presume not as the ident of LH Inlet ties the Aux 1 into trigger 2 VVTI control.

Question Two.

When i run the tests for ignition and injectors should they show as "on" on the configuration page? 

Question Three.

When researching trigger offsets ect for the 1JZ there seems to be a lot mentioning about syncing trigger 1 and trigger 2 is this required?


I have attached my PCLR please excuse the ignition and fuel table i am adjusting my original map for my IS200 so this is not setup correctly as of yet.


1JZ SETUP.pclr

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1) You can set up the vvti aux as LH or RH as long as the DI or Trig 2 in you case show the same LH or RH inlet cam.

2) They shouldn't show on on the config page, but they will show you some form of "feedback" in the run time values.  Hit F12 to see the run time values.

3) Yes you will need to sync the triggers.  Go to the triggers tab in the ecu settings tab, then calibrate at the bottom.  The help file has great instructions for this.

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Ok so that means my triggers are setup fine. Thank you.

regards syncing the triggers I have:

ref timing = 10 

trigger offset = 200

i have not set the bottom figure as I have not started the car yet. 

Is this all that has to be done? Regards syncing 


Also I have connected timing light and this times on the 10 btdc also 

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