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Getting a engine running with out TPS

Anthony Parle

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I am using a G4+ Thunder for some R&D on slide throttles, doing some testing on the correct intake air velocity to acheive maximum cylinder fill.  They are not for a road car just for research and so are controlled by two model servo's as such don't have a TPS.  I do have a MAP sensors and RPM input.  The testing only involves idle and full throttle.  Iwas just goign to use a standard fuel and timing table using MAP & RPM as the axis's


I assume that I can get the engine to run and just won't have acceleration enrichment, is that correct?

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Hi Anthony,

It should be fine.  Usually it is preferable to have TPS with ITB's as the unstable MAP at idle is often not a good indicator of load, but since drivability is not the priority in this case it should run ok.  If your MAP signal is reasonably steady you can even change the accel enrichment to reference MAP instead of TP.

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