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Cruise Control Overshoots Set Speed


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The cruise control overshoots the set speed. This is very obvious on a car with a large amount of torque.

There is a Max Acceleration (kph per Second) settings that does nothing. This may be the solution to the problem, if Link would make the effort to fix it.

I reported this problem on the 16th of June 2016 and supplied data logs to show the problem. See emails below. Despite asking many times in the

last 11 months when will it be fixed nothing has been done.

---------------------- Emails ----------------------------

The Cruise control needs more work. It overshoots on the resume setting.
Example I have the set speed as 60 kph. I then touch the brake and slow
the car to 50kph. When I select resume the car accelerates to 65kph
before is slows down to 60kph. Changing the Derivative does not stop the
overshoot. For the control to be smooth, and not cause excessive fuel
consumption it needs to be a lot smother. It should slow down the
acceleration as it get close to the set point.


Hi Ray

If you can gather some logs of both cases along with the PCL file I'll have Engineering take a look at it.
It will be a fresh set of eyes looking at it now with the departure of Ashley which can bring a fresh approach.



Got the engineering team on to it now with all the provided info.







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Hi Ray

I'll do what I can to push for this but there is no shortage of work for engineering team so a lot of items do have to wait.


Can you send through the Email with the logs and PCL again as I can not find it in searching mine.


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I'll do what I can to push for this but there is no shortage of work for engineering team so a lot of items do have to wait.

Simon the problem is this excuse has been used for a year or more. The real truth is the belief that there is nothing wrong, and Ray Hall does not know what he is talking about. In the past the company listened to anything I said and requested. My knowledge and that of Scott and Insight Motorsports took the Link product to what it is now. I have not suddenly lost my knowledge and experience.

The truth is... Link management has changed and the good experienced engineers are also gone. I also had Andy (Manager) ask me who I was when I sent him an email. I explained I was one of his dealers and that in the past my purchases from Link was over $1,000,000 a year and had over 120 dealers around the world. Meant nothing to him, and ignored my request to fix faults in the Link product. He actually told me that only dealers with high sales now are taken as creditable.

I am now putting requests to fix things that do not work correctly on this forum in hope something will be done to fix faults I have been banging on about for a long time. I gave up on getting the traction control to be fixed so it was performance rather then safety traction control. I made my own controller based on the Autronic which works very well.

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Its more around working on the areas that offer the best improvements and balancing this with engineering time.

There has been plenty of work happening as you can see in the software and firmware notes.

Your input is valued as it is from all our other customers.

I have a email heading your way with some test firmware for this issue to get us a better picture of what is going on.




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