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Unable to turn on E-throttle


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I am looking for some advise regarding E-throttle.

I have built a startup map from scratch, Based on the Extreme base map. 
I am trying to setup the PIDs but am unable to get the E-throttle to turn "on" or "on -setup".

I have assigned E-throttle + and -, plus relay.

It is on a Subaru which has been retrofitted with the later model E throttle.

Any help would be great.



G4+ Xtreme Ej22.pclr

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You are on old firmware, 5.3.0, back at that time e-throttle was an option that you had to pay extra for.  If you upgrade to the latest firmware all the previously "pay for" options will be enabled for free. These include Ethrottle, logging, knock control, obd2, etc.

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