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Cam overlap

Ken Dunkley

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Hi- the cam im running in my V8 has alot of overlap and at certain cruising revs the map fluctuates and this sets up a sort of pulsing that continues if i slowly put my foot down . I guess it effects fueling/ timing and even fuel pressure to an extent . Im running a link Atom g4+ and the engine is turboed . is there any way i can dampen the pulsing to the map sensor or can i set up a 4d fuel map to overlay the problem areas at specific points based on TP and revs since it only happens at steady state conditions ?

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Yes I would try some mechanical dampening.  If you look around a wrecker like pick-a-part etc you will find some cars have them from the factory - a little plastic canister type thing.  I have also heard some guys have success with something like a 0.6mm mig welder tip poked in the hose.

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Adam I would like to have filter and anti aliasing setting in a future release. 

Is that already on the request list? 

Hi Mapper,

Yes I just checked this is on the development list but it doesnt appear to have seen any love yet.  I agree it would be a nice addition for some inputs although I must say I have never seen software filtering work well when I have tried it on a MAP input with some other ECU's that offer it.

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