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Turning Injectors and coils off

Anthony Parle

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This may sound strange but I am using a Subaru EG33 on a dyno but have killed off 3 cylinders by removing the rods and pistons.  As a result I only have the right bank operational which means I don't need the left operational.  At this point I have the injectors and coils unplugged but I wonder if there is not a better way and turn them off in the ECU.  Its a Link G4+ Thunder.

Here is a video of it running.

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Do the cylinders still fire 240 degrees apart?  If so it will just be a matter of setting the number of cylinders to 3 and setting the correct firing order.  Injectors will need to be wired to inj driver 1, 2 & 3 and same with ignition.

If they dont fire 240 apart then you will have to turn on "custom TDC" mode and set up the TDC table.

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