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Gear cut using clutch pressure


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Hi Guys,


We have a analog channel measuring Clutch pressure. Is there any way to use the information to activate the ignition cut  


We are on a H pattern which is being difficult to go in at 9000+ RPM





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There are various ways you could do this.  Below is one example.  In this example I have my clutch pressure sensor on ANV2, set up as GP Press.  I have the gear cut function set to start shift cut based on a "digital input" and the end shift mode set to time.  The up shift DI is set to virtual aux 1.  I have virtual aux 1 set up as a GP output that switches on when clutch pressure goes above 800KPa.



The other way you could do this is set up your clutch pressure sensor analog input to "gear lever force" instead of pressure and that will mean you dont need the virtual aux and you only need to adjust settings in one area.

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