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Data overlay on GoPro


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Been doing lots of reading and I'm a little confused.

This is what I want to achieve, GoPro footage with data overlay. The Car is a Nissan 200sx with a Link G4+ ECU.

I've seen the App 'Track Addict' or 'Harry's Lap Timer' will do this but they work with a OBD2 Bluetooth connector. So that would be.

Link ECU > CAN cable > OBD2 connector > OBD2 Bluetooth > phone / tablet > app.

In my searching I think the CAN Cable needed is either:

Link ECU Cable (CANPCB) http://www.c1-r.co.uk/product/link-ecu-cable-canpcb/

or is it:

Link ECU Cable (CANDASH) http://www.c1-r.co.uk/product/link-ecu-cable-candash/ (EDIT, It's not this one as at all is it.)

Then I splice that into an OBD2 connector from another car.

Lastly, I follow these steps to change the settings on the ECU to output the correct data?


Is that the best way to do it and get the best transfer rate for the data or is there a cabled version that would be more accurate. The phone / tablet will be mounted on the dash so running a cable won't be an issue at all.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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You basically have it right.

If your ECU is a "plugin" then you will need the CANPCB cable.  If it is a wire-in ecu then you wont need that part.

I suggest you avoid the CANDASH cable as that can disrupt PC connectivity.  You may or may not need an extra connector/cable depending on which ECU you have.  If you post what ECU you have I will give a little more info on what you will need or do a diagram tomorrow. 

Note you can buy new OBDII sockets with the terminals etc very cheap from many places: http://www.ebay.com/itm/302104260956

You will also need to run 12V & Gnd to the OBD socket:





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Thank you for this. Sorry for taking ages to get back on here, been doing a fair bit of welding so this took a back burner.


Thank you for the additional image. That all makes sense to me. I'm using Harry's Lap Timer now which works well so will work even better once I add in the OBD port.


My ECU by the way is 'Part # NS15+'

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