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I bought a Link G4+ Xtreme for my track prepared MR2 turbo, and I'm wondering if I need a wideband controller?

I was told by a Link mapper that a kit like Innovate LC-2 Wideband Lambda o2 Controller was required, but I was under the impression that the G4+ Xtreme had internal lambda control.

Can anyone help?

Apologies as I am not well versed in Link ECU's.

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Minor thread hijack here... Do the onboard wideband controllers in the Fury and the Thunder offer the same kind of functionality as the Link CAN Lambda unit?? I like the zero calibration requirements on the Link CAN Lambda unit and was wondering if it was the same with the onboard ones. 

Also big thumbs up for the Link CAN Lambda unit if you do need one. Great bit of kit. 

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