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Knock Logging

Anthony Parle

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You can log each cylinder individually (Knk level Cyl X) or the general level of all knock sensors combined (Knk level global).  If your thresholds and individual cylinder gains etc are set up correctly etc then you can just log knock count.

You cannot log both sensors individually, they are combined into 1 "knock signal" before processing.

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I am not sure if this will work but figure its worth asking, if I log the sensors with the table data set at zero but engine timing pulled back then I get a base line noise for the different rpm.  Export that fire then use excel to compile a table for all the different set point required then load this up back into the ECU so the adjustments can be done if the engine knocks.

Will this work?

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An engine will naturally make more noise as it makes more torque so setting up the noise thresholds based on an engine with reduced timing isnt the ideal method.  It will certainly help get you set up to a very conservative knock control level but will likely mean your knock monitoring will indicate far more knock activity than is really happening.  For proper knock control set up you really need to make the engine knock.

I think from previous conversations you had an HPA membership so if you do you could take a look at this webinar which covers the fundamentals well:  https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/049-setting-up-knock-control-link-g4-vipec/

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