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no spark


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first time trying to start car and i seem to have no spark. Im running plugin g4 for S20 short header in a 98 vzr pulsar with stock sr16ve wiring loom.  Not too sure if I got all settings right but theres now no error codes. wondering about pinouts matching up? My pinout for sr16ve says pin 4 is for ECCS relay but pin list in link book doesnt have pin4?

sorry for noob questions

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Most likely it will be one of the jumper settings that is not right.

First step is make sure the ECU is getting a valid trigger signal.  To do that, press F12 to open the runtimes screen.  move to the Triggers/limits tab.  Crank the engine and look at Trigger 1 signal, trigger 2 signal and the Engine Speed parameters.  You should see, YES, YES, and about 200RPM.

Report back what you see there and a bit more info about your car/engine.  i.e. distributor or direct spark, etc.


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OK trigger 2 signal flashes yes but trig 1 stays on no and rpm stays on zero. 

Car is 98 vzr pulsar running sr20ve 12:1 compression, ported polished, oversized valves, stage four franklin cams, quad throttle bodies, 440 bosch injectors.....

heaps of mods but should run good enough on stock sr16ve ecu but I would rather get this link going well enough to drive to shop for tune than put old ecu, MAF ect back in.

Il check ecu jumper settings now

Cheers for help

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I'm not sure if this is your problem but try swapping the DIP switches to the opposite of whatever they are set to currently.





Can you also post a copy of your map so we can check the trigger settings are correct.


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Ok, thanks for the map, it looks like you havent done the Test ECCS Sync procedure or calibrated the base timing.

The Test ECCS sync procedure is explained step by step in the help browser once you click on that setting as shown below.  Read that procedure and give it a try.  If successful I would expect to see the widest slot value change to 16degrees.  Once you have done the ECCS sync then follow the link on step 19 in the hep browserr to learn how to do the base timing calibration.


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