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Aem wide band guage


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Hey i am looking an linking my aem wide band guage to mu link monsoon ecu what pin do i connect the signel to.  I also have a aim dash thats running of the can network could this read the afr from the ecu if i input the aem wideband guage controler to the ecu?

And info or diagrams on what i need to do would be good thanks in advance 

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The AEM 0-5V output wire can be connected to any spare analog input on your monsoon.  You will need to check in your map but most likely you will have AN Volt 4 or AN Volt 3 free (pins shown in pink below).

If your wideband device also has a "signal ground" or "analog ground" then that should be connected to one of the green ground wires in the pic below. 

Yes your AIM dash can then be set up to display Lambda or AFR over CAN.  Depending on how old your dash is you might need some help from me to do you a custom CAN stream to get it to display the right units.   Get your wideband connected first and we'll cross that bridge if needed.


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