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Subaru G4+ Questions


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Hi guys, please assist where possible

Car is a 2002 V7 JDM WRX STI. Fully modified car, BX550 JP Turbo, 1000cc injectors, and ALL other mods on the car.

Boosting 1.9 BAR boost

1.) On the Fuel Table I have my 8000rpm on top from left to right which is 100%, but I only have up to 160kPa from top to bottom as usable. How can I get my full 1.9 BAR map to show or is it limited to 1.6Bar ?

2.) I have an issue when we accelerate, the car runs lean and then respond according to the fueling we have set. I think our pump acceleration is not correct, what can I change this to to make it better?

3.) We still have no control over the idle of the car, no matter what we set the idle control motor to, no difference, we had to pull timing on the idle cells to het the idle to 1000 rpm where we want it, no big deal, but see if you can get the problem in the attached pclr file

4.) The stock Narrow band AFR sensor still does not "work", I get incorrect AFR readings. We have an Innovate Wide band on the car, will have to hook that up to the ECU later.

5.) Please assist with correct settings for the Anti Lag , because when I configure it, I can't accelerate, it bogs etc.

6.) Please assist with correct launch control settings. I get it working no issue, just want professional assistance

7.) Then, on deceleration at high RPM, lets say 5000 rpm and higher, I would like to get some flames out the back, assist please with some suggestions

8.) Lastly , for now, when we start the car when it is cold in the morning, she starts first time, but like for 5 seconds the car idle dips VERY low, stall some days, and after 5 seconds or so, idle fine, What could it be ?


Many thanks guys !


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Brad thank you so much for the excellent help you have provided, much appreciated.

I know what needs to be done, I just needed support on HOW to do it WITH LINK ecu, and your help was fantastic !

I have spent US$ 15000 on the car and don't want to take chances on the car.

And Steve ... thank you !

1) press x key to adjust axis scale

2) increase accel enrichment.  keep an eye on the max clamp  may need to increase as well

3) need to see stock wiring diagram to verify which style solenoid

4) scrape stock senor and wire in wideband

7) turn off decel fuel cut

8) sort idle control 

Brad, did you meant turn off "Overrun fuel Cut" or is there a "decel fuel cut" somewhere other than under the "Fuel" section ?

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