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Link atom, Aux 3 fan control problem.


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hello, I have a link atom installed using aux 3 to control n/c relay for a engine fan, I have set the polarity up and engine temp and its all working like it should, The only problem i have is when the engine reaches its operating temp of 82 degrees the fan will switch on like it should but when the ignition is turned off the car will run on and after about 5 seconds will drop power and turn off. This only happens when the fan is running. any thoughts would be appreciated cheers.  

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It sounds like the 12V supply side of your relay must be live all the time.  Any 12V supply for an Aux must come from an ignition switched source.  Below is the basics, if you need more detail, have a read of the whole page in the help file which is found under:  G4 ECU Tuning Functions > Auxiliary Outputs >Wiring Auxiliary Outputs




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Cheers for the reply, its defiantly from a ignition source,  Attached is a diagram of how i have the relay set up. if i remove the Ground 86, to the relay it will still run on. and if i switch the aux 3 off, it will run as normal cheers.


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