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Lambda value offset in-correct on SDL dash


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Using a Thunder ECU to talk to Motec SDL.

Only issue is the offset of the Lambda value on the SDL is wrong. I am seeing a Lambda of 7.65 which should be 0.765.

Settings in the Motec Change com settings are as follows

Multiplier 1000 divider 100 adder 0

I presume I need to adjust the above value to correct the Lambda value. Any help appreciatted.












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Hi, yes I have noticed this before.  The Motec template we supply with our software hadnt been updated from the G4 days when we used "AFR" instead of Lambda.  I made a fixed one a couple of weeks ago that will be included in the next release of PC Link.

I will attach a copy for you to try.  Also attached a channel name translation.

From memory the early "SDL1" can only accept 8 CAN frames - this template sends 13 so you might not get all info.



Motec Can channels.xlsx

Link G4+ Generic Dash to ADL.CC7

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