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ECU thunder problem Subaru ej257 avcs di-2 cam position


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Hello. Sorry for my English work through an interpreter))). I became the lucky owner of the ecu link thunder. I started tuning the Subaru ej257 AVCS and ran into the problem of di-2 inlet RH Cam position does not see the signal running in before I just say that the R-IN Cam sensor is OK and the signal comes to di-2 waveform attached. As soon as I change di-2 to wheel speed or any other parameter di-2 becomes active. Also notice that di-5 is active, provided it is not connected. I tried many ways but honestly that the problem is in the program. It's when I put the digital in channels on the cam position that the channel stops receiving the signal. I'll leave a link to the video that I filmed I ask you to look and maybe you can help me than thank you!




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When a DI is used for a Cam position its status parameter will always show "off", so what you are seeing here is normal.  Your cam control is probably working fine.  

The best place to check is open runtimes screen (F12 key), move to VVT tab.  Check parameters Inlet LH & Inlet RH status - if they show active you are good.



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