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MR2Link unlabelled pins


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Just curious about the unlabelled pins for the MR2Link rev2-3. I'm sorting out an issue with my power steering input and noticed that there are a few gaps in the pin labels.

Much like the KNK sensor as discussed in this topic below, are there any other 'assumed' sensors/inputs for the MR2Link that aren't labelled? I'm particularly looking at the body harness/3rd plug.


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The knock pin is the only one missing in the current PC Link release.  It has been included in the next release. 

Our plugin pinouts usually only show the pins that are relevant to the installer/end user, there often others that are connected but are dedicated to things like main relay control, power, grounds etc.

If you need something more specific you can look at a FSM or email your question to [email protected] and we may be able to give more detail.

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