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How to connect AEM afr gauge to link evo3 PNP


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Newbie here.

I am using link g4+ plug and play.

How can I use the signal from  AEM afr gauge connect to g4+ , so that the g4+ can read afr and to gerther with AEM afr gauge is working. 

Kindly provide guidance .

Thank you.

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http://aemelectronics.com/files/instructions/30-4110 Digital Wideband UEGO Gauge.pdf


According to this you need to take the white wire and connect that to one of your spare ANVolt Inputs, you may need a XLS Expansion Loom for this, or if your vehicle originally had a NB Oxy you can connect to that wire.

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You need to connect the output of the AEM gauge to the ECU via a free AN volt input or via the CAN bus. 

If using the 0-5V output of the gauge this could be connected to the original narrow band O2 input  (Pin 56 on ECU plug) if you wish or any other volt input for example one on a XS loom.

If using CAN then you need to connect CAN L and H from the gauge to the CAN connector on the ECU (A CANPCB cable and CANF plug needed)

For both the ECU will then need to be configured to suit.




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