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Toyota altezza

Kai Roger Bakken

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I have a plug and play Board to a Toyota Altezza here ,that i want to hook up wot shift and boost adjustment bu a 0-5 v potentiometer on an4,I have got that up and running but when i pull the knob its only mooving the adjustable aerea from  in a wery Limited area. Yaxis shows from 0-100 but its only moving from around 30-60. I also Wonders if its any awailable inputs to put the wot switch(its a switch to ground sensor ) its a race car so all ac and other Comfort functions is not in use . I have Attached the file in use,Really thankful if anybody can help me out of wich input to use for wot and if ayone can see why the 0-5v pot do not use the Whole scale on an4 input ,thanks 


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Your ANVolt4 input is setup for a general purpose input.

Where you are using a rotary switch with even resistance steps and 1st position is Ground and last position is 5v you can you set the input to 0-5v set the error low to 0v and error high to 5v, then set your table to the correct voltage steps, for instance a 6 position switch (5v/(no of positions -1), this would have 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5v on the boost axis.

For WOT you don't need a dedicated input as you already have TPS, if you want to use a switch function from this you can simply use a Virtual Aux set to GP Input with the condition of TPS>98% 

If for any reason you want a new input you can use DI9 or DI10 on the Expansion Connector by using a Loom XLS

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But for a wot gear shift i need a ign and fuel  cut activated by the gearcut switch dont i ?if i put ground on f example d19 then it can be used as wot up shift, but i cannot find that in the software as a function for any of the inputs ? On turbo cars With only ign cut its usually make huge explosions in exhoust that makes problem for us on decibel measurement on our Circuits. we have a stupid 100db limit here :(


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For gear shift cut you can do fuel or ignition cut, but not both together.

For your example if you had your upshift switch connected to DI9, then your gear shift cut set up would look something like below.  You would also need to fill out the length of cut you want in the "Driven Upshift Torque Reduction Time" table, and the % amount of cut in the Shift cut table.



Also note you can use any spare DI, I just used DI9 as an example.

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19 minutes ago, Kai Roger Bakken said:

the % amount is that how many cylinders it cuts out

Yes, 90% cut means a 90% torque reduction or another way to look at it is only 1 cylinder will fire every 20 revolutions (10 cycles).

A starting point will be 150ms and 90% for all gears. The few sequential cars that I have used open loop cut shift cut on needed about 110-150ms in first gear tapering down to 60-70ms for top gear.  Its best to start with a longer cut than needed and tune it by feel and logging from there.  


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