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CL lambda fuel correction


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Just started experimenting with this, but cant see/understand how it works, and least not compared to what I thought after seeing the webinar about it.

Logged a little bit,and the fuel corr show negative numbers 10-15% all the way it seems, even though lambda and target is not to rich all the time.


Feel I got something wrong somewhere?


Attached a small log file.


Log 2018-03-26 11;21;01 am.llg

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It looks like it following the trend ok but perhaps not enough gain or update rate so the reaction is too slow.   Will need to see your map too.

Having said that - it looks like your fuel tune needs a lot of work before you turn on CLL, your measured lambda is not even close to target in a lot of that log. 

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yes, its s bit out now, changed fuel pressure and a very different header and exhaust system which should affect this NA tuned engine a bit.. also the lambda sensor and gauge is new.

will go for rolling road and map better, but excited to test this function, and did when moving the car.

Might be my gain numbers are very low then :o

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I've just been through setting up an Ecotrons ALM on mine. It might be obvious but make sure the output from your sensor is the same at each AFR as what the engine management expects for that exact same AFR. The ALM has a handy test function where you tell it what AFR to simulate. The Link should indicate the same value if the calibration is correct

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Thanks for tip!

That ALM test function was smart and would be very handy.

Mine is an aem x series, lsu 4.9 and is set up by can. Not done this myself,but its not like the older 0-5v tables to set up, so I just have to assume its ok. ( just hardly used car, its pre-season)

Have had link ecu for many years, and new details on engine every year, but always just ran open loop.

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