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G4+ Xtreme Wiring help


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So I have done lots of wiring before but never an ECU. I have pretty much failed at the first hurdle when it has come to wiring the Xtreme ECU to my car. I need some help/pointers/direction on quite a few bits as what i thought wasn't going to be to a fairly simple task, has me at a complete loss right now! 

Before i give up and spend a fortune on getting someone to do it for me, can anyone help?

So I have an RX7 with an LS3 and twin turbos. I know the engine has the 24x reluctor wheel and the 2006-2007 LS2 GTO Harness.

So there is quite a few things i am confused about which i are all in the attached spreadsheet. If someone could have a look at it and give some feedback that would be greatly appreciated.

Also, there are a lot of grounds on the Link Plugs. Where do i wire these too? Also the shielded ground?




GTO 2006-2007 PCM Pinout to Link Pin.xlsx

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I can probably help with most of it, but first some questions...

Do you have electronic throttle and an electronic pedal? 

Do you want to use the original narrow band oxy sensors?  

Do you have an engine wiring diagram for the GTO or a similar car?  There's a couple of pins I would like to confirm, for instance there are a few labelled "Low reference", which would normally be sensor grounds but I dont see any "power grounds" so maybe they are both labelled the same.  Also I'm not sure what "ignition 1 & Ignition 3 voltage" pins would be.

Are you using a GM trans?

It looks like the alternator is ECU controlled, do you have any info about that? 

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That would be awesome, thanks.

Yeah i have e-throttle and e-pedal

I have an AEM wideband, but have done the HP tuners course and they seem to tune in lambda unless i just change that to read in lambda?

If you look at the second post he is saying the low reference are sensors with them listed - https://ls1tech.com/forums/conversions-hybrids/1786832-ls2-e40-c206-pinout-confusion.html

Yeah i have a TR6060 6spd manual

Just did some googling on the alternator - 

Connector 2 - Pin 45 - Generator Field Duty Cycle Signal

Connector 2 - Pin 56 - Generator Turn On Signal

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Ok, attached your spreadsheet with most detail fixed.  A couple of things that you need to look at:

  1. C1, pin 10,14,19.  It looks like these where the original power supply and "ignition on" wires.  I dont know how much of the original cars fuse box, relays etc you have so these probably dont work.  I would be making my own power supply circuit as per the help file diagrams if it were me.
  2. C2, pin 44.  Your pinout says it is a low coolant signal but the other pinout you linked to shows it is the power supply for the cam sensor.  You will need to research that or trace it yourself.  Obviously if it is camshaft it is critical.
  3. We need some technical info on how the alternator works and what it needs to drive it.  Our ecu may not even be able to control it.

GTO to Link.xlsx

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