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VVT digital input


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Hey guys just wanting to check my interpretation on the description in the help setup guide... on an engine with a VVT cam (or two), does the cam trigger need to be wired to a digital input (1 - 4) or can this be wired to trigger 2, as a non VVT setup would be?

More specifically, the setup I am doing currently is for a Daihatsu/Toyota engine, using the 2NZ trigger mode preset, but it doesn't seem to show anything in the trigger 1 or 2 windows to indicate how wiring should be carried out.

I currently have the 36-2 crank trigger wired to trigger 1 and 4-1 to trigger 2

I haven't yet plugged it in and turned it over, just in the final throws of setting up the parameters




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perfect, thanks!

also, if anyone else asks, the early model K3 engines that came in the M100 sirion or M200 YRV use a 36-2 crank trigger wheel and the later model M300 sirion versions of the K3 and 3SZ engines came with the 36-2-2-2

both use 4-1 cam trigger

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