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2 Step limiter


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Gidday, I want to set up my KP Starlet with a 2 step limiter to help with launches. Im running a Willwood pedal box that is very visible and dont really want to mount a switch on there.

I was thinking I would put a switch in the clutch line, wondering if an on/off switch like a brake light switch or a 0-5v pressure switch would be more suitable. I havent managed to find out what pressure the brake light switches close at, some say approx 30psi, some of the american ones approx 80-120 psi, all appear to be estimates (guesses).

Im a newbie at this, first ever post here

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I would expect any of those will do the job, a pressure sensor rather than a switch would give you some flexibility with the switching point but most drivers generally let the clutch out so fast there is probably not much to be gained.  Other options are a switch on the handbrake or just a speed sensor.  

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