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Fuel Temp in Modelled Multi-Fuel/ IAT Mode Trim Table

iecku.tavea racing

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Just some small questions....

When i use a flexfuel sensor, the ecu would be able to fuel temperature to calculate fuel density. Is it done in the actual firmware?

Regarding IAT Mode...is the IAT trim table a trim above the ideal gas law? I haven´t found anything in the online help, if you should put in the ideal gas law differences or let it zero for a starting point.

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For the fuel temp question: Correct, the fuel density (as well as charge cooling) is already automatically accounted for by the model based on fuel temp measurement from the flex sensor and the fuel properties that you enter for both fuels.  

For the IAT question: Correct, air density is already calculated by the ECU using the approximated charge temp and the ideal gas law.  You should normally have the IAT trim table turned off (or zeroed) in modelled mode.


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