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Internal knk on ttlink


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According to our notes there should be two knock sensors on that engine, 1 connected to Pin 106 and the other to 107.  There should not need to be any changes to the car, just software set up as far as I know.  Can you attach your MAP.

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Der Gain Cyc 1-4 darf defintiv nicht 0 sein. Eher mit 1 starten und dann einzeln so anpassen das die Zylinder sich im Log von der Lautstärke ähneln. Außerdem ist Knock Detection der einzelnen Zylinder ausgeschaltet! ;-) Kock Freq würde ich auch anpassen... Versuche mal die Map im Anhang


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Will check that on anothet car i tried to set up because on my v3-v4 impreza its working perfect . maybe i uploaded the wrong map will look at it when i have the car. With me i just quickly adjusted a map to upload it sorry if thats the issue i feel realy stupid that i overlooked it

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