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3 bar MAP limit activated


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I'm using a 3 bar MAP. I have hit the MAP limit today on 2nd and 3rd gear. When I tried to do a 2nd and 3rd gear pull, the MAP limit gets activated before around 4000 rpm. The boost table is set to 13.1 psi and the MAP limit mode is set to fuel%cut, 2D table, ECT axis setup. I can post the log file if needed. The log file is a big file 11MB. 




94 mr2 WORKING.pclr

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It is not clear if you are asking a question or just making a statement?  Your MAP limit is activating because your boost is reaching the value set in your MAP limit table.  The MAP limit default control range is 10KPa if advanced mode is turned off so yours will start to limit at about 31.5Psi absolute.

Note you have your boost target table set up with MAP on the axis, so that "13psi" is actually absolute.  You will have a hard time targeting a boost level below atmosphere.

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Yes, I just took a look.  It appears that your boost control has not been set up correctly at all, the WG DC table is not even close and the boost target table is aiming for vacuum...  I suggest you switch it back to open loop, then get the WG DC table tuned properly to achieve something close to the boost you want to run.  You will need to fix your boost target table also.  You can then switch back to closed loop and tune further if you wish but for most users open loop is easier and plenty good enough.

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