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3sgte Idles lean


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Hi all. Below you will find a log of the situation I'm dealing with as well as my cal.


In VE mode, I'm having to throw values close to 100 to get the car to idle around stoich. If it does idle at stoich, it'll hangout there for a second and then go very lean.


I'm running Bosch Ev14 1000cc injectors with my oem resistor pack bypassed. Pump is a walboro 450 fed through -6 hose.


Is a massive air leak or something causing this? I'm really at a loss. I'm going to try and find a way to do an air leak test here without a compressor.




lean log.llg

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I dont see any problems in your setup or the log.  I would be suspicious of fuel pressure.  You can see at the end of the log when lambda starts to go lean the injector pulse width has actually increased so assuming injectors still have 12V etc, that suggests there is a fuel supply problem.

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