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smart pencil coil options

Greg W

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Hey all,
figured there is a wide range of experiance on this forum 

Looking for smart pencil coils that are compact and powerful
this is for motorcycle application , so space is limited on the top section
and running E85 at 3 bar or higher and potential at Methanol 


I have LS2 truck coils on a couple of my LSR bikes and they work great on all fuels i have used   or but there just too bulky  for some of the bikes  
thanks in advance

Oh had the old melting coils  with power on motor not running  the other day , trying  a Haltech ignitor something i dont usually run but seemed simple setup at the time  to get a new setup timed  (the CDI i would have run was not triggering the timing light at cranking )

I am set to falling edge trigger , could the haltech be rising edge ?

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Although neither of these are what I would call "pencil coils", the most common COP coils I see used in a variety of engines and put out a decent spark are the Toyota/denso 1NZ/1ZZ/Etc, available in a few different lengths.

Another one gaining popularity recently is the R35 Nissan GTR coils, the snouts are removable on these so the length can be customised.  

Most of the true pencil coils I know of dont have built-in ignitors.

Bosch/Porsche 0 986 221 051 looks promising size wise but I have no idea on its grunt or reliability.

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Thanks Adam
The Toyota coils look good for clearance in the 1UZ version  and may have to look at aftermarket versions for the power needs 
R35 GTR  read well in doing a bit of a search 
i think the 051 connector position would be a problem 
Audi coils any good ? again the size may beat me 


Think i will trawl the wreckers for samples and see what is best fit 

Also some good reading  from platinum racing comparing the R35 and 1UZ coils and SQ engineering on the  various toyota versions 
R35 look to have big dwell time anywhere you see them listed or discussed 

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4 hours ago, Greg W said:

Audi coils any good ? again the size may beat me 

I dont know how powerful they are but the Audi R8 ones are commonly used on performance stuff in Europe.  Most of the other VAG coils seem to have a bad reputation for reliability.

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Update, the R35 look to be a good fit on both the Kawasaki and Suzuki  if i make screw on caps for the spark plugs about 5mm longer.

The  longer adaptors for the COP are too long , Good option to the bulky LS2 coils i am currently using

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It's a motorbike application....not use some motorbike pencil coils ?

And for those who have issue with coils being powered up but not running some will wire the +ve feed to the coils via the fuel pump trigger so they can never be energised unless the engine is turning.


Although that shouldnt really be needed.

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Are a lot of the bike coils not internally amp'd ? CBR etc ? I've seen car guys used some of those as an upgrade. Of course lots use the car Honda/Denso coils for serious boost too....modern stuff is just damn powerful !



Do you have room for the likes of IGN1A remote coils ? Not as neat as a pencil, but regarded as one of the best coils.

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Cbr coils are good with a CDI,pretty much the current setup on the bike but space is so limited on that one i want to loose the CDI controler , The R35 coils will work good there by the look , even found some old race plugs that had a tall screw on tip that are perfect for the few mm i need to make this work 

A few of the other bikes have more room available near the plugs and i am running the LS2 truck coils on them

We are a landspeed motorcycle team with bikes in Australia and USA and working towards a common engine management platform 

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