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Base timing on ez30r


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The crank pulley is keyed and there are 2 round indents on the crank pulley itself. When turning the engine clockwise (ie normal bolt tightening direction), when the second one it straight up is tdc. Have a watch of this video to see for yourself, or remove your crank pulley and shine a torch in the timing cover behind it. There is an arrow on the chain pulley that points up at TDC, this means the key on the crank is at 3 oclock position, and the second dot faces straight up. 

I'll check on the one I have out of the car later on but I dont think there is a mark on the timing cover, so just set the engine at TDC and get your white marker pen and make one. Make a line on the crank pulley instead of just that round dot while you're at it.

You can also pull the number 1 spark plug and turn the engine by hand with a screwdriver/drinking straw/anything similar pushed into the spark plug hole to get TDC within a few degrees if the crank pulley is hard to remove.


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