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Big cam idle strategy


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Im wondering if it could be a strategy to use a type of fuel cut strategy to get a decent idle when using big cams (288 and over)? my thought would be to set the actual throttle stop to get the car to idle around 2000-2500 rpm or so and then use fuel cut to keep the idle steady at around 1000 rpm, it seems that it might be a better way to go about getting idle to work with big cams and alcohol/big injectors, it seems that the car really doesnt get enough intake air using just the iac strategy also the iac doesnt really react quickly enough on most cars with big cams to prevent stalling or stumbling when coming down from high rpm, and even though it can mostly be worked out with fine adjustments it seems that this might be an easier way to go about it? maybe not.

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I do use tps instead of map, I think the idle could be better though

3 hours ago, rrob said:

Rotational idle/cyclic idle. Just zero out the rest of the Antilag tables.

That might be an idea, have you used it?  Im kind of trying to cut back on the hunting/cycling of idle rpm as much as I can too.

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You wont improve idle using cyclic idle or some type of limiter.  Stick to the conventional tuning techniques and give it what it wants, you should not need to do anything extraordinary unless it is fairly extreme.  As Steve says if MAP is unstable or no longer has a good relationship to engine load then change to a TPS based fuel table.  

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