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RPM limit cutting 1000rpm early


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Check your trigger error counter, Press F12 and look at triggers, does the trigger counter increment when the rev limit comes in.

You can also log, rpm limit, rpm status and also Trig Err Counter.

You are getting a trigger error, you probably have the polarity of your sensors wrong please post a trigger scope log.

I just noticed you are in Nissan 360 opto mode, have you performed the setup ?

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First, thank you for offering help.

I had my car tuned professionally 3 years ago, and had no issues until lately. I'm not sure about the nissan 360 opto mode but I haven't changed anything except my fan temperature, RPM limit and MAP limit.

I also haven't changed any sensors etc.

The trigger counter does increment when the rev limit comes in

I did notice my voltage is very low, around 9-10v I'll have to address that.

I also have seen in my log that I've hit 14000 RPM so maybe my CAS has had it.

I'll have to check out the trigger scope and make a log of it.

It just seems to be consistent around 6700 at the moment.

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The low voltage could be playing a part as the stock CAS does not like voltages below 8volts. It could also be play developing in the CAS drive and this is causing movement and extra trigger events.

On RBs its very common to have this. 


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