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g4+ plugin lancer evo9


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hi all, 

i'm tuning plugin g4+ lancer evo9. using the evo9 basemap. 

i have an intake cam position error keep coming on. check the wiring, it has good connection to dig1 from intake camshaft sensor. change the sensor still same result.

could someone help me out on this matter please?

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Do not forget to do

Cam Angle Test


The Cam Angle Test is a function designed to assist with diagnostics of VVT control position signals.  It can be used to determine the correct Offset value for a VVT Control Digital Input and assists with technical support inquiries.


The purpose of the Cam Angle Test function is to display the position in crankshaft degrees ATDC where each position pulse occurs. Cam angle test information can be found in the F12 runtime data menu.


Using Cam Angle Test


To activate the Cam Angle Test Function, perform the following steps:


1. Ensure a Cam Position Digital Input has been wired and configured.
2. Select the appropriate VVT Control Channel in the Cam Angle Test list.
3. Select the Test Pulse Count.  This is the number of teeth on the cam trigger wheel (you can adjust this later if the number of teeth is unknown).
4. Observe the cam teeth positions by looking at the parameter Cam Angle #X on the VVT tab of the Runtime Values window (F12 Key).
5. Run the engine above the VVT RPM Lockout and ECT Lockout values.
6. The position at which each cam pulse occurs will be displayed.


If the positions appear to be changing erratically, then the wrong Test Pulse Count may be selected.  Either adjust Test Pulse Count until the values become stable or disassemble the motor and count the teeth on the cam.


After the values have stabilised, the lowest Cam Angle #X angle avlue above 0.0 is the value that should be used for that VVT Control channels Offset value.  The cam will be in its relaxed position (ie not controlled) while the Cam Angle Test function is turned on.


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