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Subaru V10 04 PnP Pin Assignments


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I have a link Subaru PnP V10 for an 04 usdm STI.

I'm trying to improve the fuel system by using a better fuel pump controller, or even going CAN bus.

In researching this and some other potential changes I've not been able to find any documentation on what are connected to non-"signal" pins. Like 12v signals, sensor power, sensor ground, etc etc.

Is there a complete listing on the PnP ECU's pins that could be shared?

Currently i'm looking at what would be pin D28, which according to subaru should be some kind switched 12v it looks like.

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Hi Barge,

We generally keep some of that info to ourselves as some cars need significant time invested to reverse engineer the pinout so we try to protect some of that investment.  Also it prevents support headaches where users decide they know better than the factory...

I can tell you we have nothing connected to pin D28, in our notes it mentions it was originally a "fuel pump running" signal from the fuel pump controller.  

If you need more info about any others you can email me at NAjJcZt.png and I can probably give you some more complete info.

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