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Logging automatically at a certain temp?


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Hi all,

I have been gradually refining the map on my car with road tuning and logging, then using the mixture map to find cells that need a slight tweak - most are now within 0.2 AFR or less of the target AFR which is great.

My question is around being able to automatically start logging when a certain parameter is met, I can see that I can set the logging to start at a certain throttle input/MAP value etc etc however I can't see how I can start the mapping with ECT.

At the moment I am manually starting the logging once the engine is up to temp where there isn't any fuel adjustments taking place for cold start (with CLL off), I could set it to start logging once the engine sees a certain vacuum on light throttle however I usually want to capture all of the data from idle for a whole drive rather than just parts of the map. I see that with quick tune there is an ECT lockout so that it can't adjust fueling when the engine is cold - trying to replicate this with the normal logging.

I also notice that each cell seems to have a maximum of 1000 samples - is there any way of increasing this or should I reduce the sampling rate? I have set the sampling rate quite high as there are some cells that I wanted to capture data for but aren't often in the cells - such as WOT.

Thanks in advance!

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18 hours ago, Brad Burnett said:

I'm assuming you want this for the mixture map usage.  If so you can set a ect parameter to filter in the mixture map.

But as for setting up an ect set point for the logger, use a virtual aux and then set the internal logger "IO On" condition to the set virtual aux

Ah, thank you for that, I will check out the software later for the filters etc - although might be an issue if its already taken 1000 samples by the time the engine is up to temp.

Will look into the virtual aux option though as that seems to make sense to use.

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