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When electric fans kick on rpm drops


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Hey guys 

I have 2 electric fans on my 4G63 evo 8 ( 1 is spal for the engine cooling and 1 is for the AC) 

I start them both at 90°celcius through the G4. And the problem is that whenever they kick on the rpm drops to 500 and then back to normal. 

There is no problem with the iac, battery, or alternator. 

Any ideas????

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Probably a log and map will help us see what the cause is.  This video is for the G4+ but you will find most menus similar on the G4:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A


P.S. I deleted your other thread in the tuning section that was exactly the same.  It becomes difficult to keep track if you have discussion split over two posts. 

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If the engine uses command 272 or higher this can happen due to lack of motor torque at low speed.
Any ideas for you to try?
1- Try to turn on an electroventilator at 90 degrees and the other at 95 degrees centigrade.
2- Leave the mixture at idle slightly richer environment of 13.5 afr.
3- Check the ignition idle map if you can give more torque to the engine.
4- there is a correction table of the iac, for startup of the electric fan, there goes an old complaint mine if the electric fan goes on 90 degrees because at 89 degrees and iac no longer starts the correction.
I hope I have helped for a long time because of this problem and here in Brazil, only those who play with vipec are me.
I'm sorry for my english.


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