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V10 WRX Leaning out issue


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Hi, i started to tune my fuel map and i have this weird issue where it wants to lean out at around 2000rpm @ 2.9psi, the rest of the map is fine but in that section it demands alot of fuel to read a good AFR. Its a 2007 WRX, any help is greatly appreciated. I will upload the picture of the map and the log for reference.

EDIT: After a bit of looking around i found that the base map for my car has what i assume is a typo, 26deg of advance in the VVT Table, picture below.

tune 1 log.png

Tune 1.png


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2.9psi (20Kpa) MAP would have to be a lift-off, coasting/over-run condition wouldnt it?  I dont think you would be able to pull that level of vacuum while driving.  You do not need to worry about AFR under high vacuum over-run conditions as there is not enough air in the cylinder for proper combustion.

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