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Strain gauge via CAN


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I am currently looking at getting a setup that would use a strain gauge via CAN to measure corners weight and I would like to know if this is something that somebody has tested with Izze-racing?

24-Bit ADC-to-CAN Strain Gauge and Load Cell Amplifier


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You would have to receive these as generic "CAN AN Volt" channels.  These can be displayed, logged, used as table axes and other stuff like conditions for switching auxilaries etc. 

However, there are a few limitations of these generic channels:

There is no way to "Re-label" these with a meaningful name.  i.e, it will always be shown as "CAN AN V1" in the software rather than say LF corner weight.  These channels will always have the units "Volts" assigned - Although you can scale them in the CAN configuration so that the numbers actually have some relevance, for instance, you could scale them so that 500Kg corner weight was displayed as 500.0V.  The minimum number possible is -1000.0 and the maximum number possible is 5500.0 for these channels.  The resolution is 1dp.

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