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MAP sensor calibration 101-0069 MAP3


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Good day guys

Please assist with the MAP sensor calibration. I bought the Link ECU map sensor (3 bar) part number 101-0069 MAP3 with my ecu

I noticed while mapping, the Boost controller (GFB) and the ecu fuel/MAP table BOOST does not compare 100%

So I just turned on the ignition to compare the reading of both the boost controller and the line ecu

I noticed that while the car is just ignition on, not started, the GFB boost controller shows -0.09 which is fairly close, but the link ecu MAP sensor shows 32Kpa

I tried doing the built in MAP sensor calibration, while the ignition is just turned on, but the error message pointed to the fact that the MAP sensor reading must be less than 0.5 I think


Any ideas ?

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Hi Richard

I click on the top menu bar "ECU Controls" and then on the bottom " MAP Sensor Calibration"

Then under my AN Volt 6 - MAP Sensor I have selected the " Link 3 Bar" and MAP sensor type.

AN6 Error Low = 0.05v

AN6 Error High = 4.95v

An6 Error Value = 100kPa

Sensor works 100% yes, changes in value when blowing or connecting it.

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1 minute ago, Adamw said:

I suspect because your ECU is on old firmware it wont have the correct calibration to choose.  Update your firmware and select "Link 3 bar" from the list


Where do I find the firmware please for my ecu ?

Sorry, I see now, the firmware comes with the PC link updated version, will download latest one available and do that thank you

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